Aya Igarashi (@ladicle)

Just here for code? It’s on Github.

I’m working at NTT communications Inc.
6 years software engineer with an experience. Designed, implemented, and operated highly scalable Cloud Services based on OpenStack.

Key programming language skill is Python, Java, and Go.
My interesting things are operating system and distributed system design.



Title Event Date
Kubernetesの歩き方 Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #5 June 2017
Mastodon on Kubernetes Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #4 April 2017
Monitoring k8s with Prometheus Prometheus Tokyo Meetup #1 April 2017
Slack Bot NTT Tech Conference #1 January 2017
OpenTracing & Kubernetes Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #3 January 2017
Container Image Architecture コンテナ型仮想化の情報交換会@東京 October 2016
Container CI & Jenkins Job Builder Jenkins勉強会 #9 August 2016
Kubernetes helm & helmc Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #2 June 2016